Szentesi-Mag Ltd, which has  a 16 years past, has created a new business conception, the inner professional content of which we would like to inform our webpages' guests.
Webpage is a new form of introduction in case of companies operates in business life, even in our private life.
Webpage is also the "identification card", "passport" and "certificate of good character" of who introduce himself.
It ensures fast orientation, which needs weeks, incidentally months earlier.
In Szentesi-Mag Ltd. the object of the trade is - biological character material, seeds, thus - "confidential goods".
This merchandise is reassuring, if valuable plant grows from it for the user and that experience is repeated from year to year.
Szentesi-Mag Ltd. has more than 60 years experience of vegetable improvement by breeding.
Our largest value is - beside the competence - the 35 vegetable and 2 winter rape varieties have purified by prof. Dr. Szalva Péter, Nagy László and employees of Szentesi-Mag Ltd. which are still in trade.
Our number one purpose with our varieties and technologies is the millions of gardeners. We would like if more and more people produce his or rather his family's vegetable demand "around the home".
If  You believe it so, we can successful and efficient together.

Szentes, January, 2012
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Attila Rózsás
managing director